Millennials (1981-1996)

“Two-thirds (66.2%) of working Millennials have nothing saved for retirement. This situation is far worse for working Millennial Latinos as 83 percent have nothing saved for retirement.”

“Even though two-thirds (66%) of Millennials work for an employer that offers a retirement plan, only slightly more than one-third (34.3%) of Millennials participate in their employer’s plan.”

“Using the recommendations of financial experts, only five percent of working Millennials are saving adequately for retirement.”

ALL QUOTES CITED: –National Institute on Retirement Security

Wealth Accumulation and Planning Younger Generation


It is easy for millennials to put off crafting or obtaining a financial plan. This is usually attributed to having a small number of moving pieces and a less complicated personal financial situation. As their lives evolve into marriage, children, and take on more liabilities than just student loan debt, some clarity and planning can go a long way. In a sea full of do-it-yourself apps and unlimited YouTube videos, without the proper discipline and application, what’s the point? We design plans, coach you to stick to them, account for variables and provide the tech you need to ensure full transparency.

Risk Management

“At 16 percent, millennials are more likely to be uninsured compared with the older generations (12 percent of Gen X and 8 percent of boomers), an increasing trend since 2016. When asked why they lack insurance, 60 percent of uninsured millennials say it is too expensive.” Millennials who have a spouse and a mortgage need a risk management analysis; add a child or two and it’s DEFINITELY needed. Protection can be very inexpensive and there are countless products that can complement your estate in an unforeseeable event and pad your net worth during life.

Earnings Growth

A very important obstacle facing many millennials today: Optimizing their first phase of earnings growth. As millennials enter into their 40s, they are approaching a phase of their career where they are financially secure, have more disposable income than they’ve ever had, and they have no plan in place on optimizing it. There are many strategies that we can implement that not only enable asset optimization from a tax standpoint, but ensure tax flexibility when you eventually decide it’s time to retire.

Family Planning

The earlier you start planning your legacy, the less you will stress when it matters most. Millennials consistently underestimate the need to have their estates in order because they are in an early stage of life. This couldn’t be more false. Families with young children are in need of long term direction as much as somebody on the cusp of retirement – it’s time to stop waiting.

Education Savings

With the college inflation rate pegged at 8% per year, the need for planning and saving couldn’t be more important than right now. There are many options available to parents, family and friends to help the next generation save for a massive expense. These options all include different tax implications, asset availability, planning benefits and drawbacks. Talk to an advisor now to see what strategy works best for your family.

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