We Help Define Your Wishes

One of the things we notice when working with clients for years or decades is that their priorities change when confronted with their mortality. Thoughts about the security of their families, or the charitable causes that matter most start to take center stage for the assets that may not be utilized during life. The problem however, usually comes down to one thing that affects much of financial planning: timing.

Our team of experienced advisors will help you define your wishes and draft a plan before it is too late. We use a variety of estate planning techniques centered on tax efficiency and cost effectiveness to help you distribute estate assets on your terms.

Listing Your Assets:

Everything you own is included in your estate. Make sure you formulate a comprehensive inventory and assess proper valuations to all of your assets including, but not limited to:

  • Values of primary residence, vacation homes and other real estate
  • Values of cars, collectibles, artwork, jewels/jewelry and other physical assets
  • Collect and request all insurance policies and recent statements
  • Request current statements from all banks and brokerage, and retirement accounts
  • Formulate a personal balance sheet (assets vs. liabilities)
  • Locations of physical assets


After careful consideration and collaboration with a member of our team, you should expect to meet with a qualified estate planning attorney. They will be responsible for drafting your will, financial and healthcare powers of attorney, powers of appointment, and trust documents if necessary. After these terms have been inked, we wrap up this process with any necessary flow charting to visualize plan assets in, or outside the estate and how they will transfer after life.


Estate plans are designed and drafted in accordance with current legislation. As laws change, we often have to make tweaks to the initial plan, or sometimes, there will be additional assets we need to account for. This is why we recommend you wait no longer than 5 years to consult with a member of our team for a review.

Make Sure You are Covered

Being able to plan your estate and the way it is distributed will help make it easier down the road to settle your requests.