The Difference

Working with the right advisor can plan an extremely important role in you and your family’s financial journey. That’s why we have worked tirelessly to develop a business model than optimizes our independence as an RIA, to objectively and effectively service our client’s wealth management needs. Independence, although imperative to our model, is not everything. We knew the icing on the cake for our client experience was going to be our philosophy – that’s when we created the Loop

What is the Loop?

It’s no secret that in every person/family’s life cycle, there are typically a handful of professionals, each responsible for their own piece of a comprehensive planning puzzle. It’s our belief that all avenues of everyone’s financial life are intermingled and in most cases, reliant on one another. Conversely, we’ve found that the professionals who perform these services for the public seldom have any affiliation, communication or close contact with one another! Crazy isn’t it? After years of witnessing the fallout from this industry disconnect, our solution was to expand our in-house services to encompass all quadrants of our client’s financial lives. By keeping all, or most of your financial lives under one roof, it unleashes us as advisors to stay in “the loop” and do what we do best: optimize your client experience.

Toomey Investment Services:

Advisor on Retainer – Meet or Call Anytime

Quarterly Market Analysis Newsletter

Advisor Collaboration Services

  • Attend/Collaborate Attorneys and Accountants

eMoney Client Portal

  • Full Report Generation
  • Live Account Connection Capabilities
  • User Vault for Unlimited Cloud Document Storage

Comprehensive Planning and Intra Year Adjustments

Goal Setting and Assessment

Household Debt Analysis

Household Cash Flow Assessment

Household Balance Sheet Assessment

Portfolio Construction + Management

  • Commission Free Stock Trading
  • No-Transaction Fee Mutual Fund Trading
  • Low to No Expense Ratio Allocations

Self-Employment Planning

Business Planning + Entity Taxation

Re-Location Tax Planning

In-House Tax Preparation Services

Tax Planning

Education Planning

ROTH Conversions/IRA Recapture

Alternative Investment Analysis

UGMA/UTMA Accounts

Inherited IRA/ROTH Accounts

Taxable Investment Accounts

ROTH IRA/Traditional IRA

Business Retirement Planning

  • Keough
  • 401(k)
  • Solo 401(k)

Intrafamily Transfers of Businesses

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan Rollovers

Lump-Sum Pension Benefit Analysis

Executive Planning

  • Concentrated Stock Strategies
  • Stock Option Review/Strategies
  • Net Unrealized Appreciation Strategies
  • ESOPs

Beneficiary Review

Assessment of Family Dynamics + Meetings with Family Members

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans

Asset Protection Planning

Long Term Care Planning

Life Insurance Analysis + Planning

Risk Management Strategies

Estate Planning

  • Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Power of Appointment
  • Inter-Vivos Trust Formation
  • Irrevocable Trust Formation
  • Special Needs Trusts

Asset Leveraging Strategies

Generational Wealth Transfer

Gift Planning

Charitable Gifting

Required Minimum Distribution Strategies

Required Minimum Distribution Concierge

Inherited IRA/Inherited ROTH IRA Distributions

Mortgage Analysis + Support

“Loose Change” Publication

Our Process

1. We Connect

Toomey Investment Management Inc. is a 6 time recipient of Connecticut Magazine’s Five Star Wealth Manager award* and has also appeared in Forbes Magazine.

We Connect and Get Started with Your Financial Plan

2. Getting to Know Each Other

This isn’t about cutting to the chase. The first step to building long standing relationships starts with trust. Our process depends on getting to know you, your family, and what you’re looking to achieve.

Getting to Know Each Other

3. We Analyze

After taking a look at your current financial/insurance, statements, legal documents, tax filings, etc. we apply all available resources and cash flows to your long term goals. The scope of this analyzation will vary greatly case by case.

We Analyze Your Situation and Make the Best Plan Going Forward

4. Follow Up Presentation

We translate an often complicated plan in terms that make sense to you. When clients partner with us, the primary focus is to make your life easier and grant you peace of mind.

Presentation of your Financial Goals and How to Reach Them

5. Implementation

Once you decide to move forward, we begin implementing the plan and initiating the onboarding process. It is imperative that clients take full advantage of the technology solutions offered to ensure constant transparency.

Implementation of our Financial Planning Process

6. Constant Contact

Traditional firms have annual assessments – we don’t think that’s good enough. Our model is fee based, and that means we are always on retainer. If you want to book an appointment, a call/zoom meeting, we are always here.

We Constantly Connect with the Clients to Discuss their Goals

7. Business of Variables

We are a multi-generational family business and we’re not going anywhere. We aren’t one of a few hundred “advisors” at a multinational corporation that know you as a file number. When a life event occurs (and it usually does) the same advisor you partnered with will be there to talk. We are your personal financial manager that insists on knowing you personally.

Toomey Invest Financial Planning Process in CT