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Brenden Financial Advisor for Toomey Invest in CT

Brendan Toomey

CFP®, President, Adviser

Austin Financial Advisor for Toomey Invest in CT

Austin Toomey

CPWA®, ChFC®, Financial Adviser

Dan Financial Advisor for Toomey Invest in CT

Dan Perreault

CRPC®, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor℠

Jennifer Nevins Toomey Invest Financial Advisors

Jennifer Nevins

Office Manager & Client Services

Our Clients

The TIMI business model is designed to treat all of our clients equally and fairly. We realized long ago that the financial industry dedicated many resources to capture money from prospective clients but much less on service and accountability for existing clients. At TIMI, we listen carefully, keep in touch and return your calls/communications as quickly as we can. We insist that you count on us. We believe that if you always rely on us, we can work effectively to optimize your financial world and solve your problems. We want to KNOW YOU; We want to help you and your family!

People Doing Business with Toomey Invest