Generation X (1965-1980)

Even though they intend to work longer than their predecessors, those in the Gen X crowd expect their retirement work to be more flexible, fulfilling and rewarding — by providing them with a greater purpose as well as social interaction. They’re the next generation that’s quickly approaching retirement and their hands-off approach to planning and preparation is alarming. *

Generation X Kid Preparing for Financial Freedom


Individuals born in 1965-1980 require more in-depth planning applications as the number of moving pieces and variables increase. Also, they are often entering the peak earnings phase of their career; the time where asset and tax optimization is absolutely crucial in ensuring a successful retirement. Avoiding the conversation now could cost you substantially when retirement is imminent. As you age, options you may have had can become more costly, and some dwindle away completely – don’t wait until it’s too late.

Asset Optimization

According to, Gen X saves around 8% of their income and only 14% have a retirement plan. They have a median of $66,000 saved in all household retirement accounts, and about 14% are very confident they will achieve their desired retirement lifestyle. These statistics point to one revealing truth: Gen-Xers need a plan to optimize their assets more effectively. Our cost efficient investment philosophy may be able to keep you and your family from being another statistic.

Risk Management

People that are middle aged typically have more. They are often home owners, park two or more cars in the driveway, have investment assets, and 1.5 little one(s) they have to provide for. These are all reasons for a risk analysis encompassing everything from life, health, long term care, and personal property protections. What most practitioners don’t do is have a high level conversation about the role some of these investment vehicles could have in, or outside of their estate. Risk mitigation is more affordable when the covered persons are younger. The time for a discussion may be now.

Tax Planning

The tax return is not only a financial blue print, but it is specific to you. Most people entering the pre-retirement phase don’t think much about how the tax treatment of their assets can greatly impact the level of freedom they have during retirement. That is why we believe your investment professional should also be a tax advisor. It is very important that individuals understand where, and how they will be sourcing income when they may need it most. A multifaceted firm can help you build a multifaceted retirement plan.

Estate and Family Planning

In our experience, people are so consumed with preparing for their own retirement that they often put protecting and planning their estate on the back burner. Estate planning is arguably the most time sensitive aspect of a financial plan and while many maneuvers are taken around the time of retirement, it is very important that planning starts prior. There are many options in shifting and leveraging assets in, or outside of the estate and knowing what your options are sooner is often better.


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