Form a Plan

Whether you are the beneficiary of a large estate, a life insurance policy, or have won a recent settlement in court, receiving large sums of money can be quite overwhelming. Inherited assets and court ordered monetary awards are often come with varying tax treatments and distribution methods. This is why we recommend forming plan and understanding how to make your financial blessings last.

Court Settlements

We assist clients in planning and investing settlement assets regularly. If you have, or expect a settlement from:

  • Personal Injury
  • Punitive Damages
  • Workers Comp
  • Emotional Distress

Please contact us immediately. The type of settlement you’ve won can mean the difference between large, minimal or no tax liabilities. Litigation is a long and arduous process – make the most of your award.


If you have received an overwhelming amount of money and want to make sure it has a lasting impact on your financial well-being, we can help. Assets distributed from, or outside the estate of a friend or relative can have sentimental value to heirs. It’s often a sensitive process that can benefit greatly from a third party with a non-emotional approach. A member of our team will help you navigate these tough times to help make your loved one’s legacy last.

Inheritance or Settlement Events

Your inheritance or settlement needs a plan. Book an appointment today.